Chapter 941 His Wife Is Smart

"That woman is dressed in luxury clothes. Who knows, she might be his wife," another receptionist said as she took out her phone. "I remember seeing her face online." She searched around the Internet for pictures of Bianca. "See? That really is his wife." "I'm surprised that they still have the mood to make out in a hotel. I read in a forum earlier that someone is offering a bounty of a thousand dollars if they could provide Bianca Rayne's location. I don't think the couple will leave that soon, so…" "Don't you know that she's hated online now? Who's going to take responsibility if the hotel is mobbed? I don't think the manager will forgive us. We'd better mind our own business." … In the room, Luke pinned Bianca on the door. She pushed the man's chest and said softly, "I wasn't wearing a mask earlier, and someone might recognize me. How about we go home?" The police might have found out the truth, but they were not going to act so quickly. "No need to be afraid," Luke

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