Chapter 942 The Male Lead Can Only Be Me

Luke got Gale to find several bodyguards that Riley was not familiar with. They wore masks and lurked within the hospital with prop knives. In the next examination, Johann told Riley that she should walk around to aid in her recovery, and he also told her that she could be discharged in two days. Riley could not wait to be free from that closed environment. She begged Rain to let her take a walk in the garden downstairs. Rain initially refused her request, as the plan dictated. Then, Riley name-dropped Bianca, which made Rain comply. Rain pretended that she was helpless against Riley's request. She arranged two bodyguards who were in the plan to escort her. Riley went downstairs with the bodyguards. She was happy but remained cautious, wearing a mask so that she would not be recognized. The bodyguards that were lying in wait pretended to harm her. To make her not suspect anything, they had to injure her a little. They bumped into Riley's forehead, though her bodyguards

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