Chapter 940 Undeniable Proof That He Failed to Protect Her

Bianca was reminded that the injury on her forehead had almost healed. It was time to remove the stitches. She nodded and smiled. "I'll look for you in your office then. "How about me, Doctor? Will it leave a scar?" Riley touched the bandages on her forehead. It was still hurting a little. She was worried that it might leave a scar. "Your injury isn't too serious. If you don't want a scat, don't touch it for the next few days and watch what you eat." Johann left after saying that. "Sorry to trouble you again, Rain. Please make sure that Ms. Riley is safe," Bianca said to Rain courteously. Rain smiled. "Don't worry, Madam. It shall be done." "Thank you." Bianca was very polite toward Rain. Without her, Luke would not have managed to escape from the Island of Despair. Her respect for the woman grew after knowing that they had nearly lost their lives protecting Luke during the escape. She left the ward, put on the mask, and went to Johann's office. Bianca knocked on th

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