Chapter 925 Husband and Wife Should Support Each Other

Johann knew about that, but he did not stop. After removing Riley's restraints, he sat on the stool nearby and read through her medical records that he brought along with him. Seeing that he was like that, Rain rubbed her nose and sat down on the couch. Twenty minutes later, Riley began to twitch and slowly return to her senses. "She's awake?" Johann put the medical records away and wagged a pen in front of her eyes. Seeing that Riley's eyes were following the pen, he put away the pen and took her pulse. She was generally healthy, other than the fact that her body was weak. Rain stood up and watched their interaction warily. If Riley went berserk, she would be ready to protect Johann. "Doc… tor…" Riley was not fully awake yet. She spoke with much difficulty. "Mm," Johan replied. He turned around and told Rain, "You should leave the ward for now." "But…" Rain hesitated to leave Johann in the ward alone with Riley. "You'll be distracting me," Johann insisted. Rain

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