Chapter 924 She Felt Safe With Him Around

Luke glanced at her feet with a sinister gaze. "They stepped on your feet." It was only then that Bianca realized that her feet were hurting. The pain on her forehead overshadowed the pain on her feet. It was unavoidable that she was stepped on in the chaos. "Luke," Bianca said softly, "I'm not a saint, and I'm not speaking up for them, but I don't want to cause even more trouble at this time." To the public, she was a cruel and despicable woman. Even though the reporters were at fault, people would think that she deserved it, and the reporters would be treated as the victims. Bianca did not want Luke's reputation to be implicated as well. Luke knew that she was worried about him and sighed. "Alright, I won't do anything to them." Bianca was not worried about herself but worried that she would bring more trouble to him. "How is Riley?" Bianca asked. "Johann is looking after her." Luke tapped on the tip of her nose. "Why are you worrying about others when you're not feel

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