Chapter 926 He Could Not Bear to See Her Cry

Luke put the clothes at the side, picked up the hand towel from the basin and wrung it dry, and gently wiped her face, as though he was afraid that he might hurt her delicate skin. "Not even women," he said domineeringly. Bianca belonged to him. No other person can see her naked body. "Alright then," Bianca said with a smile after Luke had cleaned her face. Luke's hands rested on her clothes. Bianca suddenly felt nervous. Her heart started to beat faster, and she grabbed his hands. "I'll do it myself." She had cleaned Luke's body when he was injured, but when the roles were reserved, she somehow found it embarrassing. Luke pulled his hands away and continued to unbutton her shirt. "Why are you nervous, Bea?" Bianca's face was not as pale as before. She was blushing slightly, which made her face a seductive pink color. "I'm not." She let go of her hands and grabbed the bed sheets instead. Luke chuckled and undid the last button. "If it were before, I wouldn't have fo

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