Chapter 91 Boohoo Aunt Bea, I Don't Want My Daddy Anymore

Luke quickly rushed from the office to the neighborhood where Bianca and her grandpa lived. The black Range Rover stopped at the gate of the neighborhood. As soon as he got out of the car, his sharp-eyed subordinate came to report to the tall man. "Mr. Crawford, the people have been contained and the car has been towed away." "Good job," Luke said those two words indifferently and walked toward the frightened old man. The person behind him did not follow him. After reporting, he was not sure what to do next. The police took away the two scar-faced men. The traffic police department had also ordered a tow truck to tow away the already broken car. However, the crowd from the neighborhood were still excited and surrounded the old man. Luke walked up to the old man, helped him up, and said, "Grandpa, everything’s settled.” "Sorry about the trouble… I couldn’t get through Bea's phone so that group of people called you…” Grandpa was extremely sorry and out of breath. He kept thinking a

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