Chapter 90 An Excuse To See Bianca

After going to the hospital in the morning, Bianca went to work at T Corporation. She received a call from Allison at noon. "Did you know that Luke is in a horrible mood right now?” "I didn't know." Bianca did not like hearing Allison's voice even if the woman was her biological mother. Allison lowered her voice and reminded again. "I hope you can understand which one is more serious. Breaking up with Luke will cause him more than a few months of pain, but if you tell him the truth, I'm afraid the pain will last a lifetime." Bianca said mockingly, "I don’t know whether Luke should feel lucky or sad to have a mother like you.” After Bianca said that, she hung up and placed her phone heavily on the desk. Sue, who saw everything from the side, was sensitive on the matter and knew that Bianca was in a bad mood. Bianca got up and went to print a document. As she stood in front of the printer, she thought painfully about how Allison could be her biological mother. No matter how cold

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