Chapter 92 Like A Family Of Three

Bianca did not expect that Luke would take the two little kids to watch a movie like Life. Even though she had never watched it, she had seen several of her colleagues and ex-classmates posting about it, saying how some parts of the film were scary and bloody. Some even called it disgusting. Bianca glanced at Luke and said nothing. She had the little kid in her arms and went into the manor with her head down. Rainie laid on Aunt Bea's shoulder, but she seemed to be able to sense it when she passed by her dad. She raised her head to stick her tongue out at her dad. Luke, "..." Allison stood on the balcony on the second floor, looking at the scene at the main entrance downstairs with an ugly expression. ‘Didn't I tell her to stay away from Luke? Why is she here? Isn’t she ashamed of herself? ‘She’s acting like they’re a family of three!’ After getting angry, Allison sorted the expression on her face and went downstairs. The two old men in the garden also saw the scene at the doo

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