Chapter 913 Once Bianca Goes In, Don’t Even Think of Coming Out

Bianca saw the bruises on Lacey's face. She indeed looks quite pathetic; Daniel did not hold back at all. She stood there and faced Lacey and the Crawford family. Even without Luke, she did not feel afraid. "If you want to know what happened, Ms. Riley should know the best." "Riley lost too much blood, and she's still in a coma! You're the one who harmed her! You'll be the murderer if anything happens to her!" Lacey huffed. Then, she turned to the police officers. "The culprit is over there. Quick, arrest her!" The police officers looked at each other. It was up to the patriarch of Crawford Manor if they were able to take Bianca away. Old Master Crawford glanced at the two police officers with a profound gaze and spoke authoritatively. "Lacey, are you sure that you want my granddaughter-in-law arrested?" Bianca was moved. The old man might not be fond of her, but he was willing to stand up for her. Lacey was cowed by Old Master Crawford's tone of voice. She stood up and con

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