Chapter 914 You Only Have to Remember That I Love You

That mistake allowed Lacey to frame her. "I'm sorry, Luke." She apologized for her mistake. If she had remembered what Luke told her, she would not have gone upstairs to the lounge, and none of this would have happened. Luke sighed and hugged her tightly. "I don't blame you, Bea. Let's go home. The children are worried about you." The couple left the police station. Several reporters were standing outside of the police station. News that Bianca was brought to the police station for questioning had spread throughout A City. The reporters swarmed up to Luke and Bianca when they saw them come out of the exit. "Mrs. Crawford, is it true that you have deliberately harmed a pregnant woman?" "Mrs. Crawford, it is said that the pregnant woman is your ex-husband's lover. Did you harm her out of revenge or spite?" "Mr. Crawford, how do you view what your wife did? Are you planning to divorce her to cut all ties with her?" The reporters' questions got more and more ridiculous.

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