Chapter 912 He Could Ensure That Bianca Was Safe From All Harm

The servant did not move. She was caught between Lacey and Luke and did not know what to do. The ambulance arrived shortly. Before Xavier carried Riley downstairs, he said, "Bianca isn't like that, Mom. The truth will be revealed once Riley wakes up." Lacey was disappointed in her son. Why would he still be speaking up for Bianca when he was about to lose his child? Her chest heaved with anger. Seeing that the servant did not act, she took out her phone. "If you're not going to call the police, I will!" Luke grasped her hand tightly and said sinisterly, "Think twice before you act, Mrs. Tanner." Lacey was at the height of her anger. She wanted to pull her hand away, but she realized that she could not move her hand at all. The pain from her wrist caused her to tremble. "What are you doing? Are you threatening me?" Bianca put her hands on Luke. "The truth will prevail. If you'd like to call the police, Mrs. Tanner, then please go ahead. However, if Ms. Riley wakes up and

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