Chapter 891 I Can’t Accept That Debauched Woman!

Leia stood awkwardly on the spot. The flattering words that she had prepared to say to Brody's grandmother were stuck in her throat. Brody tried to defuse the tense situation. He quickly went up to support his grandmother and coaxed her, "Grandma, Leia is a beautiful and sensible girl. You don't know how happy I am when I'm with her. You'll know that she's a good girl after spending some more time with her. Can you be a little more friendly toward her? After all, she's your future granddaughter-in-law…" "Hmph! Our household has no need for a girl like her!" The old woman coldly interjected and continued to dress down her grandson, "I say, Brody, you've always been a smart boy, so why would you find a debauched woman like her as your girlfriend? She's been in the entertainment industry since she was young. You should know that there aren't any virgins there. Moreover, she's plagued with scandals. She threatened the doctor to falsify the DNA test report, and she's been caught sle

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