Chapter 892 Don’t You Feel Sorry for Her?

At night, Bianca and Luke took the elevator to the VIP cabins on the top floor of the cruise ship. Bianca was shocked by the display of opulence. That was not a cabin. It was more like a palace! Inside the spacious hall were a minibar, a buffet line, and an entertainment center. The dim light shrouded the area in an aura of mystery. However, only Percy and Nina were in that vast space. Nina was holding a microphone and singing a song on the karaoke system. Next to her were several empty beer bottles. Percy reclined on the couch lazily while smoking a cigarette. His overly beautiful face seemed sinister under the dim light. Bianca was surprised. She felt that the atmosphere between the two people was quite peculiar. Nina was singing "My Heart Will Go On," the theme song of the movie "Titanic." Her graceful and resonant voice sounded like the original singer. If Bianca had not seen Nina singing, she would have thought that Celine Dion was in the cabin. Nina performe

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