Chapter 890 Looks Like You Need a Lesson!

Bianca knew that Luke was blaming himself for not taking care of her. However, there was little that she could do given those circumstances. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. If I didn't try to stop him, Pierre would have taken Nina away. Pierre once harmed her because of me. If she falls into his hands again, I don't know what he would do to her… I'd feel even more guilty if that happens. Do you want that to happen?" If Nina was once again violated by Pierre, she might not recover from the trauma. Bianca's puppy-dog eyes would usually work on Luke. However, they did not seem to have any effect this time. The man looked at her with a scorching gaze. He pinned her arms against the wall. Luke kneaded Bianca's delicate neck. "That's not the reason why you should act on impulse. You don't know what Pierre Mallory can do to you. This time, you hurt your forehead when you tried to go against him. Next time, he might want your life instead. Why didn't you give me a call or ask someo

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