Chapter 889 Kneading Her Body Into His

Bianca felt a sharp pain on her forehead. She touched it and felt that it was wet. The bright red strains on her fingers told her that her forehead was bleeding. However, that was not the time to care for her wounds. Bianca was extremely worried, seeing that Nina was about to be taken away. Suddenly, she saw Luke and Percy coming from afar. "Luke!" Bianca cried out hurriedly. Luke stopped talking to Percy when he heard his wife calling his name and looked around to find his wife. When he saw that his wife's forehead was bleeding, his usually profound eyes were filled with anger. He walked toward Bianca in big strides, hugged her tightly in his arms, and said, "Who did this?" His voice was like thunder. Bianca pointed at Pierre with her delicate hand and said anxiously, "Pierre bullied Nina, and he's taking her away against her will…" Luke's fiery gaze shot toward Pierre, and he frowned. "Did Pierre hurt you?" Bianca leaned against his chest and bit her lip. She did no

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