Chapter 872 She Had To Think Of Another Way Out

Leia was not bothered that there was a faint pain coming from her stomach. In the mirror, her face was pale as a ghost but there was a cruel smile on her face. However, her stomach cramped for only a while before Leia could no longer stand the pain. She lay on her bed, her expression looking dull and absent. Her eyes suddenly widened and she began to scan through her room. Leia's room was well designed. The main colors were pink and white, while her curtains and sofas were all high-end imports. The colors and style were the careful work of well-known designers. It had a dreamy look and feel. When she was a child in the orphanage, she had been forced to loot for food. She had always imagined becoming a princess and getting adopted by well-meaning people in expensive clothes so that she could live in a gorgeous house. After a long wait, she finally saw hope when Mr. and Mrs. Norman visited the orphanage. She plotted to replace Scarlett Quincy and wiggled her

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