Chapter 871 Punched And Hit Her Stomach

Leia immediately went for a color doppler ultrasound examination. When the image came out, she immediately brought it to Dr. Luis’ office and asked her to take a look at it. The image showed that it was a mid-term pregnancy, single live birth (15W+6D), and posterior placenta. Dr. Luis carefully read the report. She pushed the big-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose and said, "Ms. Norman, you’re pregnant. The baby is 15 weeks and 6 days old." Leia's face turned pale in an instant. She took off her sunglasses and screamed, "That’s impossible! When I was more than 30 days pregnant, I took abortion pills. I was bleeding for a few days after that. How could the child be alive?" Dr. Luis frowned and asked Leia, "When did you take the abortion pill? How did you take it? Which doctor prescribed the abortion pill for you?" Leia sighed and answered truthfully, "Dr. Hoover was the one who prescribed the medicine. She gave me three days worth of medicine and not

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