Chapter 873 Leia’s Scheme

On the other side of town. When Leia woke up in the private room, she realized that she was naked and her body was in pain. She was alone in the private room. After a brief period of confusion, Leia knew what had happened to her. It was because there were countless bruises on her body. A bag containing white powder was placed on the sofa and there was a note under it. Leia took it and saw Cree's messy handwriting. [Ms. Norman, you’re not bad. We’re in business. This is what you need. Would be happy to work with you again.] Leia was so furious that she crumpled the note. She shuddered with disgust at the thought of having slept with such a good-for-nothing the night before. However, she needed this drug. She knew that Cree had slept with her. It happened only once, but what came to her mind was the scene of her doing it with Cree countless times... When she ran to the bathroom, Leia vomited everything that was in her stomach and cursed

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