Chapter 850 He Had Never Seen Such Prejudice

Leia was dressed in a pure white sleeveless scalloped dress with a round neckline and a tapered waistline. She had light makeup on, and that made her look like an innocent young woman. She seemed quite docile, just like the character she always portrayed back when she was an actress. Her right hand was holding Old Mrs. Norman's arm, while her left was holding two big shopping bags. She was whispering something to her grandmother. Old Mrs. Norman was giggling happily. Wrinkles appeared on her well-maintained face. "Grandma," Bianca stood up from her seat and greeted Old Mrs. Norman. She held a grape in her hand. The sweetness that had lingered in her mouth suddenly became tasteless. Old Mrs. Norman reflexively turned to the voice that had greeted her. She was visibly surprised when she saw Bianca, and the joyous expression on her face reduced by a little. "It's you, Bianca. Why did you come here when it's so warm outside?" She was not fond of that granddaughter, even though

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