Chapter 851 Why Would She Show Up At This Time?

There was an unexpected guest at lunch. That was a young man in his late twenties who looked somewhat effeminate. He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, and his hair was in a side part hairstyle. He looked like a business elite. Old Mrs. Norman explained that the young man was named Brody Hilton, and he was the grandson of a good friend. He had just returned from abroad and was here to visit Old Mrs. Norman. She said that the young man had a good background. He had a doctorate from MIT, and he was currently the chairman of an Esports association under Hilton Corporation, as well as the general manager of several media companies. Throughout lunch, Old Mrs. Norman's gaze flitted between Leia and Brody. Her matchmaking intentions were all too obvious. Bianca did not have a good impression of that young man. He might seem gentlemanly, but Bianca always felt that his eyes often wandered toward her chest. Bianca was dressed in a conservative dress that covered her body fro

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