Chapter 849 His Stern Face Instantly Turned Ashen

Doubtfully, Jack began to unwrap the mysterious delivery package. It was mysterious because there was no name or address on it. Ms. Bosch was worried that it might be a letter bomb or that it might contain harmful substances. She scanned it and made sure that it only contained paper documents before handing it once more to Jack. When Jack opened the envelope and read the document, his usually stern face turned ashen, and his body began to tremble slightly. He slammed the document on the table, picked up his coat, and rushed back home. … A few days earlier, Luke had obtained several bottles of imported herbal liqueurs. Bianca gave Old Master Rayne two bottles. She wanted to give two bottles to Old Mr. Norman, but she was busy with her new business, and she had nearly forgotten about it. She only remembered it when she happened to glance at the two bottles sitting in the wine cabinet. Old Mr. Norman was her biological grandfather. Bianca did not have too many interactions

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