Chapter 846 A Child Is Much Better Than A Pet

Lacy was taken aback when she heard what Melissa said. There was a look of surprise in her eyes. After all, her son had never been in a serious relationship for as long as she could remember. This was the first time she heard that a woman by her son’s side was expecting. She was overjoyed to hear that! However, when she saw how hard Melissa was gritting her teeth... Lacey grabbed her hand again. She started telling white lies as she comforted her, "Melissa, it doesn’t matter even if the woman is pregnant. She still won’t be able to join the Tanner family. It’s no big deal, we’ll let her give birth to the child. My husband and I will raise them. You and Xavier can still get married… I can guarantee that the child will never be a barrier between you Xavier. I’ll not let the child get in your way..." Melissa's brows were tightly knitted together. She screamed, "What? Are you going to let that b*tch give birth to the child? That can never happen! As long as I’m a part o

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