Chapter 847 My Wife Is Irresistible

Bianca smiled and continued to massage him. The slender fingers of her right hand occasionally stopped at his sensitive Adam's apple, while the other hand kept pressing gently on Luke’s temples, smoothing out his furrowed eyebrows. Her strength was just right, and the acupoints were accurately massaged. It made Luke feel comfortable, his exhaustion seemingly melting away. While she was massaging him, Bianca said softly, "Luke, you seem to be frowning a lot recently. It's not good. You’re a young man, but you’re turning into an old man with wrinkles." Luke looked back at her and saw her obsidian eyes. A loving look appeared when he saw Bianca’s face. "You won’t love me if I turn into an old man?" Bianca gently hit him a few times with her fists before saying softly, "What do you mean? Even if you become an ugly monster, I’ll always love you. It’s just that your expression is always so serious and you don’t even seem relaxed when you get home. I’m worried about y

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