Chapter 845 That B*tch Is Pregnant

Xavier did not answer nor explain anything to Riley. With that, the alarm bell in her heart went off even more. She bit her lip and looked as though she was a woman in love. However, she was staring straight into Bianca's eyes the entire time. Faced with the young woman’s hostility, Bianca laughed out loud and raised the shopping bags in her hand. “I’m just an insignificant person, an old acquaintance. I’m someone he used to know. We’re not that close, so you can just think of us as strangers." Someone that he used to know. Strangers. Bianca’s words stung Xavier. His breathing became rapid as he stared at her, his handsome face looking embarrassed. If an ex-wife was considered an old acquaintance, then their relationship was indeed like she said. It did not mean anything that they once had a marriage certificate. After all, they had never shared a bed nor held a wedding banquet. The only thing that could prove that they were once husband and wife was th

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