Chapter 844 Provocation

Bianca walked out of the cafe and went to a well-known mall next door because she wanted to buy some clothes for her children. She had not been spending much time with them as she was occupied with the recent events. She felt guilty about it. Bianca shopped around and bought two large shopping bags worth of clothes for the twins and Tommy. When she passed by a boutique, Bianca saw a pink, princess-like dress. The color, texture, and style were great. She thought that it would be perfect for Sue's daughters. Once in a while, Sue would buy Tommy and the twins some clothes or other gifts. Bianca wanted to return the favor and went in to buy the dress for her daughters. She bumped into someone as soon as she entered the boutique. "Sorry..." A man apologized, his voice sounding magnetic. That familiar voice startled Bianca. The man's body was well-built, and the impact hurt Bianca a little. She lifted her gaze and met a pair of evil but sad eyes.

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