Chapter 843 She Started To Understand Why Luke Was Obsessed

Coffee shop. The coffee shop had a piano playing tunes in the background and was filled with chatter and laughter. It was one of the best places in A City. It was elegant and stylish. At a coffee table covered with a white tablecloth, two women with very different appearances sat across each other. The woman on the left was Bianca. She had light make-up on, and her face was as beautiful as porcelain with her rosy cheeks. Her eyelashes were dense, long, and curly, highlighting her eyes that were as clear as spring. Bianca appeared like a goddess who made others feel comfortable in her presence. The woman opposite her was wearing a white sundress. Her smooth black hair looked like a waterfall. Her makeup was exquisite and suited her oval face. Her big eyes were full of sadness. She was still the ever arrogant Mavis Laviere. Bianca was a little surprised that Mavis requested to meet with her, and she was even more confused when she noticed that Mavis wa

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