Chapter 842 It’s Time For Her To Let Go

Mavis was a little scared by Luke. She had never seen him with such a gloomy expression before. He looked like he was ready to kill. She raised her eyebrows and wanted to say something, but Luke acted first and spoke in an expressionless tone, "Ms. Laviere, since you want to leave, then you can leave. Although you’re one of the top performers of T Corporation, we can survive without you. Since you’ve felt tired for a long time, you can take this opportunity to take a good rest." What? His change was so abrupt that Mavis was not able to keep up. She uttered, "Mr. Crawford, I... I’m not..." She actually had no intentions of resigning. She did so only to find out how much he cared about her and to show him how important she was to him and T Corporation. She did not want to leave the position she had struggled for years to achieve. Luke flickered his cigarette as the ash fell into the ashtray. Then, his hand that was holding the cigarette moved closer to

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