Chapter 838 Framed

Although Bianca's tone was casual, Leia knew that she was cornered. She had to figure a way out. Leia tried her best to be calm as the four pairs of eyes stared at her. Leia felt like her scalp was numb and she had heavy shackles weighing her down. She wiped the beads of tears that fell from her swollen eyes as she said, "Sister, what do you mean by that? Are you saying that I’m secretly involved with Wayne Blatt? Who doesn't know that the Blatt family has been involved with the military for generations? Victor and Wayne Blatt, the oldest and youngest of the Blatt family, both joined the army and have been in the special forces. It’s not a secret in our social circle in A City... Although I don’t know anyone from the Blatt family personally, Charmaine and I are best friends. She loves to gossip and has told me a lot about the Blatt family. Why is it surprising that I know Wayne Blatt was in the special forces? Sister, I’ve gone through the most humiliating thing that can hap

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