Chapter 837 Leia’s Little Ruse

Leia had been in a muddled state after Wayne escaped. The police questioned her for a long time, but she pretended that she was an innocent victim that had suffered from serious psychological trauma. She gave the police no useful information. After the police left, Leia slumped on the bed in her bedroom. Her legs were spread open as she stared at the floor-to-ceiling window. The usually warm sky seemed to be cut into pieces by a knife, and the trees that swayed in the breeze seemed to be man-eating monsters that terrified her. A sudden gust of wind made the windows shake. The glass threatened to shatter. Leia instinctively curled up in a corner of her bed. The silk blanket that covered her offered her no warmth. She remembered how the police had bombarded her with questions in a stern voice and how her father had given her that look of distrust. She suddenly sat up, feeling terrified. She hoped that Wayne managed to escape. If the police arrested him, he would definitely

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