Chapter 836 Please Don’t Get Hurt Anymore

Bianca found the first aid kit in the drawer and helped Luke take off the bloodstained shirt. The man's bare chest was filled with scars of various intensities. Those scars bore evidence of his suffering at the Island of Despair for two years. What shocked Bianca the most was the bullet wound that she found on Luke's chest. Blood was still oozing out from it. Bianca dared not touch the wound. With trembling hands, she used an alcohol swab to clean the surroundings. She tried to hold back the tears in her eyes while she cleaned the wound. "This'll sting a bit, Luke. I'll give Johann a call and tell him to come and treat your wound… I'm afraid that I won't be able to extract the bullet and might worsen your condition. How about I take you to the hospital?" "It's fine. I can handle this myself. It'll be some time before Johann gets here." Luke shook his head at her. He found a pair of medical pliers in the first-aid kit, gritted his teeth, and used the pliers to extract the bu

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