Chapter 835 He Got Away

Luke and Jack's threats had agitated Wayne even more. Also, he was not worried that Queenie would fight back. He continued retreating while grasping Queenie tightly and pointing the gun to her head. His face was viciously contorted as he said, "Stand back, all of you! Otherwise, I'll kill this woman!" Jack gritted his teeth as he glared at Wayne coldly, though he decided to give in to Wayne's demands. "Don't hurt my wife, Wayne. I'll let you go. Otherwise, I won't forgive you or your family!" Queenie was dripping in cold sweat because of the pain from Wayne's vice-like grip and the gun on her temple. She knew that she had botched Luke and her husband's plan. She tried not to moan in pain and said defiantly, "Jack, Luke, you don't have to care about me. The most important thing is to bring this villain to justice. I…" "Shut up, filthy b*tch!" Wayne could not stand her voice and hit her head with the butt of the gun. Instantly, blood flowed down her forehead. She could not he

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