Chapter 834 Queenie Was Held Hostage

Bianca tried to regulate her breathing. She did not want anything to happen to Luke, and at the same time, she tried to think of a way to free herself. However, Wayne had a vice-like grip on her throat. She was not strong enough to break out of the grip, so she could only be manipulated and led away by Wayne. Wayne treated Bianca as an inanimate object. As he dragged her away, her head struck the railings and made her dizzy. Luke was blocking the staircase, and Wayne could not go there. Bianca could see Luke's tall and slender silhouette. The man was dressed in a black suit, and his features were harsh and cold. She could tell that he was worried about her condition, but at the same time, his hostility toward Wayne was like a demon. Wayne was about to fire another shot when Sweetie pounced out from nowhere and clawed at Wayne's hand that was holding the gun. Wayne felt the pain in his hand and fired a shot at the cat. "You animal!" "Meowoo…" Bianca's mind went into

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