Chapter 833 Bianca Was Held Hostage

Bianca was not very loud, but her voice echoed in the otherwise empty corridor. "Meow, meow…" Sweetie meowed and wagged its tail after hearing Bianca's voice. Leia's room quietened down abruptly. The wind blew through the open window at the end of the corridor and scattered Bianca's hair. That made her break out in goosebumps. Hearing that there was no reaction, Bianca knocked on the door once more. "Leia, Mom is asking you to go downstairs for lunch. Open the door! Are you inside?" About two minutes later, Leia's angry voice could be heard from inside. "I heard you the first time! What's the rush? You can go downstairs first. I'll go after I change my clothes!" "Alright, I know." After Bianca said that, she did not go down the stairs. Instead, she waited quietly next to the railing. Sweetie blinked at Bianca and meowed twice. Bianca shushed the cat, bent over, and picked it up. She caressed the cat's smooth fur while waiting for Leia to come out of the bedroom. Lei

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