Chapter 832 Knocking on Leia’s Door

While Bianca was deep in thought, a pure white cat with long hair came through the hedge. Then, it entered the house through the window in the kitchen and landed next to Bianca's feet. Bianca saw that it was a very beautiful chinchilla cat with stumpy legs and blue eyes. "Oh? Where's this cat from? Why have I never seen you before?" Bianca put away the spoon in her hand, crouched down, and gently patted the cat's fluffy fur. The cat meowed and purred, evidently enjoying the attention. Bianca loved small and furry animals. The cat seemed to be the perfect pet. Ms. Lang explained to her while stirring the pot. "The cat's name is Sweetie. Mr. Norman had imported it from overseas for Mrs. Norman. Mrs. Norman loves it very much. She loves pets, but she has never reared one because she's allergic to cat fur. The medication she's taking now helps control the allergy, and that's why Mr. Norman gave her a cat. "Meow…" The cat meowed proudly as though agreeing to what Ms. Lang said

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