Chapter 831 I Thought I Heard A Male Voice in Ms. Leia’s Room

Leia shuddered when she saw Wayne's savage expression. She patted his chest in an attempt to flatter him and stammered, "D- Don't be like that, Wayne. I'll be scared. Also, you're in my house now, and I'd rather not have bloodshed here. I hate Luke and Bianca as much as you, but this isn't the time to act…" She wished for the death of that couple, but she would not want anything to happen to her parents. If word got out, her reputation would be finished! However, Wayne gripped her jaw tightly, and his body coiled around hers like a snake. "I didn't expect that the usually cruel Ms. Norman would be so kind. Tsk tsk! You learn something new every day…" Wayne's voice was low, and his expression was ghastly. Leia could only struggle in panic. She widened her eyes to express her anger. "Don't… Don't act rashly, Wayne. There are so many people in the house today. What if…" Leia felt something metallic and tubular press on her waist. She glanced downward, and her heart began t

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