Chapter 830 A Suspicious Scent

A gentle smile appeared on Queenie's face. "You shouldn't trouble yourself. I'm feeling fine." "How did you become like this, Mom?" Bianca gently hugged Queenie and said sadly. She could feel her mother's bony frame in her arms. Queenie gently caressed her daughter's hair and comforted her, "It's an old problem. I've been trying to keep it in check, but it flares up once in a while. I'm already old, and I can't catch up with you young ones. Right, where are my darling grandchildren? I haven't seen them for many days, and I miss them. Why didn't you bring them with you?" "I was in a rush to see you, Mom, and I didn't pick them up. I'll bring them the next time I come to visit." Bianca held her mother's hand tightly and said, "Why don’t you stay over at our house while you recuperate? I'll hire some psychologists to treat your symptoms. You'll recover quicker that way, and I won't have to be so worried." Queenie smiled lovingly and gently patted her daughter's hand. "You don

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