Chapter 829 Shocking News

Gale and Rain dealt with Kassy and his lackeys. Luke had suspected that Kassy was involved in the collapse of The Galleria. He believed that his subordinates would be able to extract an answer from Kassy with their interrogation methods, and he would be able to give a satisfactory explanation to the families of the victims and the media. … When Bianca woke up the next morning, all that she read in the papers were about the abduction incident, as well as the news that Kassy, the mastermind behind it, found half-dead in the outskirts of A City. The media was most surprised that the woman was implicated in the collapse of The Galleria. T Corporation had presented the evidence they found, and all of the evidence pointed that Kassy was the culprit. Her accomplice was Wayne Blatt of the Blatt family, who played a vital role in the crime. The public was shocked by the revelation. They could not imagine how those two characters conspired nor understand the reason behind the deed.

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