Chapter 839 Who Am I To You?

Ms. Lang was scared. Her hand that was holding the vacuum cleaner started shaking uncontrollably. "No, Ms. Leia... I don't know why the necklace is in my bag. It’s a misunderstanding..." Leia sneered and said in a sharp tone, "Misunderstanding? Ms. Lang, my million-dollar necklace is in your bag. How could it be a misunderstanding? Are you saying that the necklace magically appeared in your bag? Do you think I can be easily fooled by you?" Ms. Lang was upset but she held back her emotions and looked at Leia pleadingly. She was desperately trying to defend herself. "Ms. Leia, I don’t know what’s going on, please believe me. If… If you don’t trust me, let’s go look for Mr. and Mrs. Norman. We’ll look at the surveillance tapes..." Leia quickly took a few photos and a video with her phone before saying, "I have evidence of your theft. I’ll call the police. The Norman residence will not allow a thief like that to stay! It seems that you didn’t learn anything from the arson ca

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