Chapter 824 Three Little Heads Poked Through the Door

Bianca felt a little guilty when she saw a faint handprint on Luke's face. She remembered that she had landed a vicious slap on his cheek when she could not control her emotions. She could feel that her palm was still stinging. Bianca tenderly caressed his face and said hoarsely, "Does your face still hurt, Luke?" She regretted slapping him. However, she could not help but feel aggrieved that he had come so late. She could not imagine what would happen to her and the children if Luke had arrived another second later. The man's gaze wavered slightly. He placed his hands on her tender cheeks and stared straight into her eyes. "It doesn't hurt at all. Not a bit." "You're lying!" Bianca laughed with tears in her eyes, playfully tugged at his short hair, and pouted. "Don't you know how afraid I was back then? I was afraid that I might not see you again, but I was even more afraid that something might happen to our children. Don't you know, Luke, I'd rather die than see any h

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