Chapter 823 That Delectable Man

Bianca finally fell asleep around midnight. While on the plane, Luke had cleaned her in the airplane's bathroom, changed her into a set of comfortable pajamas, and applied ointment on the bruises of her body. Luke leaned on the headboard, holding a cigarette between his fingers. He wanted to light it, but after realizing that Bianca was very sensitive to the stench, he put the cigarette away. No one knew what he was thinking. The soft light in the luxury cabin that landed on his body made him seem even taller, but at the same time, cast a lonely shadow. He was angered greatly when Kassy yelled that Bianca had been violated, but other than anger, he could only feel tenderness and pity for Bianca. He would not mind if Bianca were really violated. He loved her body, but he loved her soul even more. If something had really happened to her, he would not blame her. Instead, he would blame himself for not protecting her. He might be a clean freak, but he wanted to live a h

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