Chapter 825 The Three Children Tried to Please Their Mother

The three children hugged the door frame and looked into the room, intimidated by their father's authority. They looked quite adorable. Naturally, Bianca noticed them. She put down her fork and spoon and beckoned at her children with a smile. "Come in, my babies… Have you had your lunch? Won't you eat with me?" Luke knew that the children were afraid of him. He whispered something next to Bianca's ear, then nodded at the children and let them come in. Seeing that their father allowed them to go in, they answered their mother's call and ran inside. "Mommy! Huggy…" The first to run in was Tommy. He stretched out his arms, and he seemed too anxious to be hugged by his mother. Before he reached the bed, Luke lifted him by his collar like an eagle snatching a little bird. "Your Mommy hasn't recovered yet. Wait until she's better before you hug her." Tommy pouted unhappily, and Bianca wanted to laugh because that little boy looked so similar to his father. However, seeing Tom

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