Chapter 820 He Crippled Her

As Luke looked at Bianca curled up pathetically on the floor, the pain that came from within him was like a metal claw that tore his innards into shreds. At that moment, his blood turned into ice, and every single last cell in his body hummed and buzzed. Kassy's face turned as pale as a ghost when she saw Luke. She understood that the delay had caused her to miss the only chance she could kill that woman and her children. Luke slowly crouched down and hugged Bianca. "All of you… how dare you harm my wife and children!" His voice was cold, but one could sense the anger in it. The biting chill and ferocious anger in his voice caused Kassy and the thugs to take one step back subconsciously. Luke's people had surrounded them and pointed guns at their heads. They dared not make a sound. As Luke glanced at them, they dared not meet his eyes. The sharp-faced thug who had perverse thoughts about Bianca almost wet his pants. His fingers slipped, and his gun fell on the floor.

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