Chapter 821 That Scene Made Everyone’s Jaw Drop!

Bianca's field of vision was blurry, though her eyes eventually focused on Luke's handsome face. She would have thought that she was still dreaming, if not that she could clearly feel the intense warmth of Luke's body. She opened her cracked lips and said hoarsely, "L… Luke." Luke pressed his lips together and replied to her softly, "Good girl, I'm here." He tried to hold back the agony in his heart. Suddenly, Bianca began to struggle in his arms. Then, she clenched her fists, and punches landed on Luke's body like raindrops! "Why did you only come now? Don't you know how afraid I was? If you had come one second later, the children and I would be gone forever… Don't you know, I broke down when I saw them injecting our children with drugs… I kept on calling your name, but you did not appear. I was in despair!" Her eyes were bloodshot as she punched and kicked Luke with all her might. Everyone was shocked by that scene. They knew that Luke was the Cold-Faced Devil and w

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