Chapter 819 He Tracked Her Down So Quickly

Kassy took a closer look at the messy scene. The woman looked as though she had been thoroughly violated, but Kassy could not help but think that something was amiss. She turned around, inspected the leader of the thugs from head to toe, and smirked. "You're an efficient person. It's barely an hour, and not only have you had your fill with her, but you've also cleaned her up before we came in." The leader of the thugs remained impassive. "I've always been a clean freak. No matter where I am, I like to keep my surroundings clean and tidy. Also, I didn't go all out on her because I sympathize with her. You should understand what I mean, Ms. Kassy." Kassy grunted coldly and stretched out her palm at him. "I want to see the video that you shot. Give it to me." She had always been a suspicious woman. She would only be relieved if she saw the video of Bianca being violated. The leader of the thugs frowned and tossed a mini-camera at her. "If you don't trust me, there's nothing much

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