Chapter 818 The Sordid Scene

Listening to the rough sounds and the agonized moans of the woman coming from the inside, all the male thugs wished that they could rush into the room. The sharp-faced thug grumbled unhappily, "Sigh. I wonder when Boss will be done with her. How long is he going to let us wait? He'd better not overwork that little b*tch. We haven't had our fun yet." Another thug chuckled pervertedly. "What's the rush? It'll be our turn sooner or later, and the later it is, the better. That woman might still be trying to resist. After Boss is done with her, she might be a lot more submissive. That'll give us an easier time, won't it?" He could not help but rub his chin. Bianca's slender and curvaceous body and her tender face made his passions flare. He had lost count of the women he had slept with, but it was rare for him to encounter a woman that was both beautiful and noble. When the sharp-faced thug heard that, he hurriedly asked, "When it's our turn, should we do it one by one, or should

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