Chapter 81 Bea Recently Seduced The Man From Somewhere

"He is..." Grandpa did not want to guess who the person was. If he guessed wrongly, it would be awkward. Luke walked in with his suit and straightened back. He reached out his hand politely and intimately wrapped his other arm around Bianca's waist. His gesture seemed to allow Grandpa to understand their relationship. "Are you the Jean Langdon that my son told me about?" Grandpa smiled and stood in front of the fire pit. He said, "I tried to remember your name well after Bea's father told me the two of you have been together for more than five years now and that the two of you are getting married soon." Bianca was worried that Luke would correct him, so she immediately interrupted and said, "Grandpa, look how thin you’ve gotten! Were you not used to life in Japan?" "I'm old, and old people look like this." Grandpa put his arm around his hunched back and took the fire stick to another dilapidated room. After he searched for something for a long time, the old man took two small sto

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