Chapter 82 A Weird Noise Came From The Next Room

Bianca held the bowls and chopsticks. She looked at Luke who was sitting across from her with her sorry eyes. Luke probably hated Jean. When Grandpa called him Jean, even though it felt bad, he had to swallow it for the time being. "Grandpa, you should eat more too." Luke did not correct him and made sure the old man ate first. After he picked up food for Grandpa, he picked up two pieces of ribs for Bianca. "Thank you." Bianca picked up a few grains of rice with her chopsticks but did not dare to look up at him. She took a small bite of the rice before she bit into the ribs that he picked up for her. It was then when Bianca noticed that the ribs that Luke picked up for Grandpa and her were fine pieces of ribs. It was the type with one single bone and had meat that could be easily bitten off. He ate the backbone. The small town was not fancy, so ribs were sold together with the backbone. Bianca picked up a piece of fine ribs and put it in his bowl. "You should eat too. Don't j

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