Chapter 80 Bea’s Going To Get Married

After recovering from the violent coughs, Kevin said, "Can you apply for leave these two days... To visit Luojiazhen? Your grandfather is in the old house, and Marie’s mom might also be going there..." "Grandpa?" Bianca was surprised. ‘Didn’t Grandpa go to Japan with Dad’s sister? When did he come back?’ Kevin held his daughter's hand because he was worried that she would get angry. He coughed and told her everything weakly. After he told her everything, the doctor came in just in time. The doctor was there to do the daily monitoring and examination. "Dad, I have to go first," Bianca said. Kevin nodded. She was lost in her thoughts as she tried to digest what her dad told her about Grandpa. She walked out of the hospital. In the ward, Kevin stretched one arm over to let the doctor draw his blood while his other picked up his ringing cell phone. "Hello, this is Kevin." Kevin was focused on the needle sticking into his arm and did not see who was calling before he picked up.

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