Chapter 79 Rubbed His Head And Begged

"Oh, it's nothing. I just think that it's a rare surname." Allison was a woman who had seen the world. Even though she was turbulent internally, she looked as if nothing was bothering her on the outside. 'Bianca Rayne.' Allison repeated the name in her head. Bianca looked at Allison one last time. She did not think too much about it. There were many people with her surname in her country, but a typical person would not know too many people with that surname. Since elementary school up to her working life, the people around her only knew one person, which was her, with her surname. Allison looked at her son leaving with Bianca. After his car left, Allison was the only one left standing in the garden of the manor. After a while, Allison took her phone out. She looked back to make sure no one was around her before Allison walked far away toward the swimming pool. She called the person she hated the most. "Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable…" When she heard

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